What is Adware? Definition and Analysis in depth
Stay safe online - 2019-05-24

Database of adware

May 21, 2019


Rabsirolcalat.info is the website that causes more problems with the computer than constant redirects. More
May 20, 2019


Apple.com-fasting.live is one of many websites used to scam Mac users about fake virus infections. More
May 16, 2019


Maftask is the name of the process which is responsible for running Mac Auto Fixer. More
May 16, 2019

Mac Tonic

Mac Tonic is a an application that is flagged by Google as malicious and is distributed by fake Flash Player updates. More
May 14, 2019


Youtubnow.com is the website that allows converting videos from YouTube, although also spams users with ads. More
May 13, 2019


MacEntizer is the rogue tool claiming to be file maintenance and optimizing utility designed to improve MacOS performance. More
May 13, 2019


TopicLookup is an adware application that disturbs Mac users with intrusive advertisements and slows down the web browser. More
May 13, 2019


Searchnotifyfriends.info is the push notifications virus redirecting users to questionable sites promoting fake optimization tools. More
May 13, 2019


Apple.com-faster.live – a scamming app that claims about a fake trojan virus detected on Mac. More
May 07, 2019


Goodluckday site – an adware-based virus which redirects to scam pages on MacOS and iOS devices. More
May 06, 2019

I hacked your device

I hacked your device is the email scam that tricks people into thinking their device has been hacked to demand payment. More
May 03, 2019


Totmania is an iPhone virus that sends suspicious messages with links to malicious websites. More
May 02, 2019


Apple.com-fast.live – a pop-up scam message that promotes fake system tools such as Advanced Mac Cleaner and CleanupMy-Mac. More
April 30, 2019


ApplicationWork is an adware application that tries to access personal banking details. More
April 29, 2019


MixBuilder is the application that installs browser extensions and other content on your Mac to control the online traffic. More
April 23, 2019


Apple.com-clear.live is the website showing fake virus alerts to encourage people to download promoted software. More
April 18, 2019


Apple.com-optimize.live is the adware that promotes installing rogue Mac optimizing tools by scaring people with the system alerts. More
April 17, 2019


Apple.com-scan.live is the scareware designed to trick Mac users into installing some rogue system tools. More
April 16, 2019


TuneupMyMac is a fake system optimizer for Mac that is detected by multiple anti-virus programs. More
April 12, 2019


Arinkin.com is the program that causes unwanted pop-ups and redirects to suspicious websites on Mac and Windows devices. More
April 11, 2019


MyCouponsmart is the Mac virus that makes your device slower by delivering unwanted pop-ups and redirects to shady sites. More
April 05, 2019

Auto Mac Booster

Auto Mac Booster is the rogue application that targets users with devices that run the Mac operating system . More
April 02, 2019


Apple.com-cleaning-os.live – a pop-up which brings false information to promote third-party Mac cleaning tools. More
April 02, 2019


Apple.com-speed-macos.live is an unsafe website that pushes scam messages on Google Chrome or other browsers. More
April 02, 2019


PDFSpark is a Mac PDF converter that installs other programs and collects user-related information without any approval. More
April 01, 2019


Search.playeti.com is a browser hijacker that is related to potentially unwanted program Playeti for macOS. More
March 27, 2019


Errx049.icu is a scam that uses fake alert messages to scare MacOS users and installs rogue system tools without permission. More
March 27, 2019


Apple.com-fixing.live is a MacOS targeting adware program that scares people into thinking their device is infected with trojans and other malware. More
March 25, 2019

Smart Mac Booster

Smart Mac Booster is a fake system optimizer that might make users waste their money. More
March 24, 2019


Weknow.start.me – a new version of weknow.ac browser hijacker which tricks users by providing comfortable functions. More

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