How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2019-07-17

Database of browser hijackers

July 15, 2019

Regevpop virus

Regevpop is an annoying browser hijacker that attaches itself to Safari or another browser and displays intrusive ads. More
July 15, 2019 – an adware program that is detected as┬áMacOS:MaxOfferDeal-I [Adw] by AVG. More
July 15, 2019


GeneralNetSearch – Mac-based adware that has lots of identical siblings lurking out in the cyberspace. More
July 10, 2019


Trovi is a potentially unwanted program that can be called a redirect virus because of stealthy distribution techniques. More
July 06, 2019

Apple virus

Apple virus is the type of malware that is illegally using the name of the tech giant Apple in fake alerts. More
July 06, 2019 Facebook virus is the term used to describe the potential malware affecting users via Facebook app. More
July 06, 2019


TuneupMyMac is a fake system optimizer for Mac that is detected by multiple anti-virus programs. More
July 05, 2019

Smart Mac Tuneup

Smart Mac Tuneup – suspicious security software that claims to wipe out around 20 types of junk objects. More
July 03, 2019


CrescentCore – a malware form that overruns security software on Mac machines. More
July 02, 2019

I hacked your device

I hacked your device is the email scam that tricks people into thinking their device has been hacked to demand payment. More
June 27, 2019

Your iPhone has been compromised

Your iPhone has been compromised is the pop-up message that appears on the iPhone or other Apple device and states about alleged issues. More
June 27, 2019


TechNetSearch – Mac-based adware that can come together with rogue cleaning software. More
June 21, 2019


MatchKnowledge – a PUP that might install tracking cookies on Macs. More
June 21, 2019 – a browser hijacker which has been spreading together with Advanced Mac Cleaner. More
June 17, 2019

Searchmine is the program that installs undesired files or even programs and browser content to affect the system. More
June 08, 2019 is a fraudulent website that claims Mac computer compromise by e.tre456_worm_osx or another virus. More
June 07, 2019

Deskgram – sponsored app displaying ads next to its claims to be a desktop Instagram version. More
June 06, 2019 is the site redirecting users to fake threat reports or commercial offers promoting rogue utilities. More
June 05, 2019 is the website that causes pop-ups and frustrates people with questionable redirects to shady or even potentially malicious sites. More
May 27, 2019

Dolohen is a domain used by adware authors to redirect users to potentially dangerous websites. More
May 27, 2019 is a fake search engine that is distributed during freeware installations and appears on the browser out of nowhere. More
May 26, 2019 is the website that appears on the screen out of nowhere and causes more redirects to questionable foreign sites. More
May 22, 2019 is a suspicious website that users are redirected to unexpectedly when browsing the web on iOS devices. More
May 21, 2019


Trojan.U83 is a non-existent virus name that crooks use to promote their cleverly engineered online scam. More
May 21, 2019 is the website that causes more problems with the computer than constant redirects. More
May 20, 2019 is one of many websites used to scam Mac users about fake virus infections. More
May 16, 2019


Maftask is the name of the process which is responsible for running Mac Auto Fixer. More
May 16, 2019

Mac Tonic

Mac Tonic is a an application that is flagged by Google as malicious and is distributed by fake Flash Player updates. More
May 14, 2019 is the website that allows converting videos from YouTube, although also spams users with ads. More
May 13, 2019


MacEntizer is the rogue tool claiming to be file maintenance and optimizing utility designed to improve MacOS performance. More
May 13, 2019


TopicLookup is an adware application that disturbs Mac users with intrusive advertisements and slows down the web browser. More
May 13, 2019 is the push notifications virus redirecting users to questionable sites promoting fake optimization tools. More

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