How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2019-09-18

Database of browser hijackers

September 12, 2019

Advanced Mac Cleaner virus

Advanced Mac Cleaner – a notorious fake system optimizer that is distributed by multiple Trojans. More
September 12, 2019


TuneupMyMac is a fake system optimizer for Mac that is detected by multiple anti-virus programs. More
September 11, 2019 is a suspicious domain that appears on iPhones, iPads and Macs if these devices are infected with adware. More
September 10, 2019 – a Mac-based browser hijacker that modifies the main engine to More
September 05, 2019 is one of the most prominent browser hijackers that spreads via fake Flash installers and is designed for Macs. More
August 27, 2019 is a website that displays a scary message about specific malware to redirect your online traffic to shady sites. More
August 27, 2019

Searchbaron – browser hijacker that is detected as MacOS:MaxOfferDeal-I [Adw] by AVG. More
August 26, 2019


Imagineprime is the web browser extension that wants to change settings on your Mac to interfere with online traffic. More
August 23, 2019


AssistEngine – adware that can display bogus deals, scams, and fake updates on Mac computers. More
August 23, 2019


Checkingforward is the adware-type cyber threat that promotes and pushes fake Mac optimization tools . More
August 21, 2019 is the browser redirects causing PUP, that targets MacOS and Windows devices with its push notifications. More
August 21, 2019


Bundlore is an installer that bundles programs alongside third-party apps and distributes them online. More
August 20, 2019 is the fake search engine that is usually installed via adware bundles . More
August 20, 2019 – a browser hijacker that ends up on the browser after the installation of SearCreetch extension. More
August 20, 2019

JS:Cryptonight virus

JS:Cryptonightminer is the name Avast and AVG vendors give malicious crypto-mining script embedded on various sites, although can also be a false-positive. More
August 19, 2019


GeneralOpen is the web browser extension that targets Mac devices with intrusive advertising content. More
August 12, 2019


Virus alert from Apple is a scam that tricks people into thinking that Apple support is ready to fix their infected device. More
August 02, 2019 is yet another intrusive browser hijacker related to PUP developer Polarity Technologies. More
July 26, 2019


MacVX is the adware that infects Apple devices and redirects to ad-supported pages to earn money for its publishers. More
July 25, 2019


ScreenCapture is the cyber intruder that focuses on infecting Mac devices and redirecting to suspicious sites or installing PUPs. More
July 23, 2019 is a potentially dangerous application that might access your sensitive information on macOS. More
July 22, 2019 is the infection that creates redirects and shows messages about possible cyber threats on the machine to trick users. More
July 17, 2019


PathBrand – a third-party advertising service that can force you to land on a potentially infectious web page. More
July 17, 2019

Top Results App

Top Results App is the unwanted Mac file which is related to adware. More
July 15, 2019

Regevpop virus

Regevpop is an annoying browser hijacker that attaches itself to Safari or another browser and displays intrusive ads. More
July 15, 2019


GeneralNetSearch – Mac-based adware that has lots of identical siblings lurking out in the cyberspace. More
July 10, 2019


Trovi is a potentially unwanted program that can be called a redirect virus because of stealthy distribution techniques. More
July 06, 2019

Apple virus

Apple virus is the type of malware that is illegally using the name of the tech giant Apple in fake alerts. More
July 06, 2019 Facebook virus is the term used to describe the potential malware affecting users via Facebook app. More
July 05, 2019

Smart Mac Tuneup

Smart Mac Tuneup – suspicious security software that claims to wipe out around 20 types of junk objects. More
July 03, 2019


CrescentCore – a malware form that overruns security software on Mac machines. More

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