How to remove Mac viruses
Stay safe online - 2020-04-07

Database of Mac viruses

March 30, 2020 is the browser pop-up scam that tricks people into subscribing to nonsense push notifications. More
March 24, 2020


DataQuest – a malicious Mac application that is typically installed via fake Flash updates. More
March 23, 2020

Utility will damage your computer

Utility will damage your computer – a pop-up that indicates that your Mac is infected with adware, scareware, or another unwanted program. More
March 18, 2020 – a spam campaign hacking calendars and replacing events with misleading notifications. More
March 16, 2020 – a form of calendar spam that is caused by a PUP and produces fake cyberattack alerts. More
March 12, 2020 – a form of Calendar virus that intrudes users with fake virus alerts and attractive messages. More
March 12, 2020 is a browser hijacker that modifies the main search engine and other settings on your browser to make macOS running slow. More
March 11, 2020


Libecomlodr.dylib is a Mac infection that will cause browsing disruptions with ads. More
March 11, 2020

Calendar virus

Calendar virus is a term used describe persistent notifications that stem from malicious domains. More
March 10, 2020 – a domain associated with fake Calendar messages on iPhone and other macOS devices. More
March 10, 2020 is the threat that appears on the calendar as fake messages and alerts with links to possibly dangerous sites. More
March 09, 2020

Libexec virus

Libexec virus is a Trojan that targets Macs and downloads adware apps in the background without permission. More
March 06, 2020


SymDaemon is the background process that causes high usage of resources like CPU and interferes with the performance. More
March 04, 2020


AuthManager_Mac is the part of the software that creates issues with the speed and performance of Mac devices. More
March 03, 2020

Searchbaron – browser hijacker that is detected as MacOS:MaxOfferDeal-I [Adw] by AVG. More
March 03, 2020


Imklaunchagent is the part of the malware that can be set to steal information or infiltrate the device with other threats. More
March 01, 2020

Safari redirect virus

Safari virus is the malware category that includes various cyber threats affecting Safari in a negative way. More
February 28, 2020


CrowdExclusive – an adware app that engages in aggressive advertising. More
February 28, 2020


SearchWebSvc – a malicious application that disturbs macOS users with ads and installs other apps without asking. More
February 20, 2020

Binarymove virus

Binarymove virus – a potentially unwanted program that inserts intrusive ads into Macs. More
February 19, 2020 is the adware infection that focuses on gaining revenue by displaying fake security alerts. More
February 18, 2020


QSearch is a browser-hijacking program which targets Mac computer users and hijacks popular browsers. More
February 18, 2020 is the Mac malware focusing on creating redirects and pushing other browser-based threats. More
February 17, 2020

MAC OS is infected with spyware

MAC OS is infected with spyware – a fake warning message threatening users that their macOS devices are infected with spyware and other threats. More
February 17, 2020

Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care is the application that claims to offer optimizing, cleaning and decluttering functions . More
February 17, 2020 is the Mac malware that appears in the directory and alters particular permissions. More
February 14, 2020


WebSearchStride is the browser-based threat that targets mac devices with search hijacking functions. More
February 14, 2020


MyMacUpdater is a potentially unwanted application that sets all web browser search engines to More
February 05, 2020


MacReviver – an unreliable Mac system optimizer that appears on the bottom menu bar of the computer screen. More

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