What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2020-07-05

Database of adware

July 02, 2020


Adteacbarbe.info is the redirect that shows various unwanted advertisements and leads to questionable domains with monetization aims. More
July 01, 2020


Becovi is a browser hijacker that changes default search engine to search.becovi.com to control results. More
July 01, 2020


WebAssistSearch is the intruder categorized as adware due to shady commercial content delivery and questionable symptoms. More
June 25, 2020


SearchMainInfo – adware designed for macOS that also changes web browser settings and reads personal information. More
June 25, 2020


QSearch is a browser-hijacking program which targets Mac computer users and hijacks popular browsers. More
June 23, 2020


LookWebResults is an application that allegedly claims to improve users' web browsing experience. More
June 16, 2020


Searchmarquis.com is a misleading extension that can alter web browser's settings on macOS devices. More
June 16, 2020


Search Baron extension is classified as a browser hijacker that is recognized by many AV engines as malicious. More
June 11, 2020


Eaes.2track.info is a malicious website that displays porn and malicious content to users. More
June 08, 2020

iPhone virus

iPhone virus is a group of dangerous apps that attack iOS devices and trigger their unusual behavior. More
June 05, 2020


SearchMine is a browser hijacker that targets Mac OS in particular with the intention to promote search.yahoo.com search. More
June 05, 2020


QuericsSearch is the promotional site that pushes browser hijacker search.querics.net and changes browser settings. More
June 05, 2020


CreativeSearch – Mac virus that might inject other malicious apps on your system. More
June 04, 2020

Calendar virus

Calendar virus is an iPhone scam campaign that pushes ad-like events on the Callendar app. More
May 22, 2020

Your Apple iPhone is infected

Your Apple iPhone Is Infected By Viruses – fake notification that mainly pops up for iPhone users, but sometimes could also be seen on other devices. More
May 21, 2020


Torrentmac.net is the torrent site that triggers tons of unsafe redirects to gaming sites and ad-supported pages. More
May 19, 2020


Kuklorest is a fake search engine that can set a dubious website as the default search engine on the browser. More
May 19, 2020

Apple virus

Apple virus is the type of malware that is illegally using the name of the tech giant Apple in fake alerts. More
May 14, 2020

I hacked your device

I hacked your device is the email scam that tricks people into thinking their device has been hacked to demand payment. More
May 11, 2020


Torlock.com is the torrenting service that shows malicious ads and pornographic content to redirect users to other insecure sites. More
April 30, 2020


Hesterinoc.info is the site that shows redirects and installs other browser-based programs to take over the online traffic. More
April 30, 2020


Rsecompa is the program that relies on social engineering tactics and tries to fool users into allowing its push notifications. More
April 22, 2020


Greacore.com is the site that displays fake alerts about system security issues. More
April 20, 2020

Study General virus

Study General virus – an unsafe Mac application that can steal personal information and display intrusive ads without permission. More
April 09, 2020


Mpgun.com is the site that should provide useful video converting feature, but it delivers ads and pushes shady ads, Flash Updates. More
April 07, 2020

Main Ready virus

Main Ready virus – a potentially unwanted application that is spread via fake Flash updates and pirated software installers. More
April 02, 2020


Protection-fix.fun is the site that hijacks iPhone devices and appears injected on the calendar events with promotional notifications. More
March 30, 2020


Solo84.biz is the browser pop-up scam that tricks people into subscribing to nonsense push notifications. More

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