What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2020-09-26

Database of adware

September 21, 2020

Calendar virus

Calendar virus is a mobile scam campaign that creates events on Apple iOS devices, so clicking on them can create issues. More
September 18, 2020


ExpandedSkill is a malicious program that is designed to infiltrate Mac operating systems. More
September 18, 2020


4KSportSearch is the search hijacker that triggers changes in web browsers to control the traffic and particular content that the user sees. More
September 15, 2020


Net01.biz is the program that delivers pop-ups and advertisements to affect the traffic on purpose. More
September 09, 2020


Gsecurecontent is the suspicious process and redirects, pop-ups triggering program. More
September 04, 2020


LeadingServiceSearch is the program that can trigger unwanted changes to the system to display sponsored content. More
September 04, 2020


GeneralBoardSearch is the program that creates issues with the performance of macOS devices. More
September 03, 2020


ExploreParameter is a potentially unwanted program with plenty of malicious features. More
September 02, 2020


Gosearch7 is the program that appears on the machine out of nowhere because it focuses on creating redirects to advertising sites. More
August 31, 2020


PracticalProcesser is a potentially unwanted application that can track your personal information. More
August 27, 2020


Mpaxgrees.club is the browser-based scam page that shows shady notifications . More
August 26, 2020


Thewowfeed.com is the redirect virus that triggers pop-ups with commercial material to mislead people. More
August 18, 2020


OperativeFraction is a potentially unwanted program designed to infect Mac users. More
August 12, 2020


AccessibleBoost is a potentially unwanted program that might be related to a Trojan infection. More
August 06, 2020


Montances.club is the redirect virus that makes a huge difference in browsing online when it shows scammy messages constantly. More
August 05, 2020


Happywinners.site is the site that shows questionable material to control web traffic and redirect users to partner sites. More
August 05, 2020


BufferKey is a Mac virus variant that targets users' personal data. More
August 03, 2020


Searchmarquis.com is a misleading extension that can alter web browser's settings on macOS devices. More
July 30, 2020


Docallisec the adware-type program that triggers frustration on macOS device. More
July 30, 2020


SectionBrowser is a Mac virus that can be more dangerous than you might think. More
July 27, 2020


Convertisseur-youtube-mp3.net – the program that is designed to reroute the online traffic to advertising pages and shady sites. More
July 27, 2020


OperativeDesktop is the application that triggers unwanted activities on macOS devices. More
July 24, 2020


ArchimedesLookup – a malicious application that is widely spread among macOS users. More
July 17, 2020

Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus

Cool New Tab Theme is a potentially unwanted Safari and Chrome extension that may generate sponsored ads and make people visit suspicious websites. More
July 15, 2020


MyDocsHere is the hijacker that creates issues with browsing online when unwanted content starts coming to the screen out of nowhere. More
July 15, 2020

Advanced Mac Cleaner virus

Advanced Mac Cleaner – is a rogue system optimizer that can get installed via Trojans and start pushing its paid license key. More
July 14, 2020

Fuq.com virus

Fuq.com – an unwanted site that redirects people to websites filled with adult content. More
July 13, 2020

Advanced Mac Tuneup

Advanced Mac Tuneup – the particular intruder that creates questionable entries on macOS and keeps its persistence up this way. More
July 03, 2020

MPlayerX virus

MplayerX is a controversial video player that can download malware alongside. More

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