What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2021-10-25

Database of adware

September 24, 2021

CleanSearch Mac

CleanSearch infiltrates mac machines and starts generating ads.
September 22, 2021

SampleSkilled mac

SampleSkilled generates revenue by showing you ads and changing your search results.
September 17, 2021

ExecutiveProduct mac

ExecutiveProduct targets mac users specifically. ExecutiveProduct is a potentially unwanted program that has both adware and hijacking capabilities.
September 17, 2021

OperativeEngine Mac virus

OperativeEngine is a potentially unwanted program with plenty of malicious features.
September 15, 2021

Fre-master1.xyz ads

Fre-master1.xyz is the program aiming to change what sites and advertising platforms you visit.
September 09, 2021

Success-news.org ads

Success-news.org is the program that controls what sponsored content you get to see.
September 07, 2021

SmartTechLookup Mac

SmartTechLookup is a macOS infection that could put your privacy at risk.
September 07, 2021

ActiveFormat mac

ActiveFormat injects shady advertisements and changes important settings.
September 02, 2021

ExtendedService Mac virus

ExtendedService is a malicious Mac application which spreads via fake Flash Player updates.
September 02, 2021

UnitCache mac

UnitCache adware infects mac machines and is difficult to remove manually.
September 01, 2021

LaunchOptimization Mac

LaunchOptimization Mac is the program used for tracking capabilities because the intruder can record information about users .
August 31, 2021

MicroLauncher Mac virus

MicroLauncher targets Mac users to spam them with ads and perform other unwanted tasks.
August 20, 2021

Helpermcp virus

Helpermcp virus is the application causing random error pop-ups that push PUPs to users.
August 19, 2021

ExpandedActivity mac

ExpandedActivity hijacks your browser and installs additional PUPs to your Mac.
August 13, 2021


CrescentCore is the malware that can significantly damage the machine and evade detection.
August 12, 2021


SearchPrimaryData browser extension for Mac changes your search settings.
August 12, 2021


The main goal of UpgradedPlatform is to hijack your Mac and display intrusive ads via browsers.
August 10, 2021

BestForMac ads

BestForMac adware is distributed via fake Flash Player installers for Mac users.
August 10, 2021

Ib-search.com Mac hijacker

Ib-search.com is the application changing settings on the browser but affecting the speed of the device too.
August 09, 2021

TypeCharacter adware

TypeCharacter – a Mac virus that might change your browser settings without asking.
August 09, 2021


Rackcdn.com is the intruder that creates issues with the performance with repeating redirects.
June 21, 2021


Rabsirolcalat.info – a website that causes more problems with the computer than constant redirects.
June 17, 2021


Searchmarquis.com is a misleading extension that creates issues on various machines, including macOS devices.
June 16, 2021


TuneupMyMac is the supposed macOS optimizer that is detected as potentially dangerous at least.
June 14, 2021


Landpage.co Facebook virus is the term used to describe the potential malware affecting users via Facebook app.
June 09, 2021

Mac Tonic

Mac Tonic: flagged as malicious by Google, spreads via fake Flash Player updates.
June 09, 2021

Apple virus

Apple virus is a type of Mac infection that delivers fake notifications via the web browser or other methods.
June 07, 2021


Notice-booster.site – an infection that changes calendar entries with deceptive alerts and ads.
May 27, 2021

PowerSearchOnline ads

PowerSearchOnline notifications won't leave you alone until you delete adware from your system.
May 20, 2021


Gifts-for-you.cf is the website that causes pop-ups and frustrates people with questionable redirects to shady or even potentially malicious sites.
May 06, 2021

Calendar virus

Calendar virus is the deceptive campaign that creates redirects to various sites filled with possibly malicious material.