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Remove Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam (Tutorial) - Virus Removal Instructions

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Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam – a bogus email message that claims to be sent by the infamous botnet hijacker Jeanson James Ancheta

Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam virus

Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam is a fake message that claims to hold compromising visual material recorded when the victim was visiting adult-themed pages. The sender of the email pretends to be an infamous cybercriminal known as Jeanson James Ancheta who became popular in a bad way after hijacking a wide range of computers/botnets.[1] The original sender of Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam charges users with a fee of $650 that has to be transferred to the 13z8jRK5z9PkVdim6nfmH4Qqqk6UAmycJr bitcoin wallet in a 36 hour period or the hacker threatens to widely expose the recorded video. In some cases, the crook can demand an even bigger ransom from $700 to $750.

Name Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam
Type SPAM tool/sextortion email scam
Sender The sender pretends to be the infamous Jeanson James Ancheta which was charged quilty in 2006 and sentenced for 5 years to prison for hijacking a wide range of botnets/computers
Goal This scam message aims to gather income from gullible people that fall for believing in the false claims that their private videos will be leaked
Fee The criminal urges for a $650, $700 or $750 fee in order not to leak the compromising video
Time period Victims are urged to transfer the huge amount of money to this bitcoin wallet address: 13z8jRK5z9PkVdim6nfmH4Qqqk6UAmycJr in 36 hours, otherwise, the visual material will be widespread
Email found If you have received the scam, your email address might have been exposed during a data breach or compromised after you carelessly left personal information on bogus surveys
Prevention In order to protect your private data, you should always evaluate the risk before providing any sensitive information online. Also, after you remove the scam, change your email password just to ensure safety
Investigation In case some type of malicious products might have escaped through the bogus email message, you can perform a full system check-up with Reimage

Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam virus is only a typical sextortion email scam that should not catch your interest at any cost. The cybercriminal tries to scare people by claiming to be monitoring their computer systems and gaining full control of it. In addition, the hacker claims to have secretly activated the camera and recorded the victim engaged in private activities:

Subject: My name is Jeanson James Ancheta, AKA ancheta-2yo on darkweb!


I am the best hacker.

Around 10 months ago, I hacked this email address. You can check it.

I am sending this email from your email address now, I injected my code to this device and I started to monitor your activity. My first idea was to block and encyript your files. And than I would ask for a small fee to release them back. But than one day, You visited some dirty websites.

You kow what I mean naughty thing. And I silently activated your front camera and recorded you.

Now, I stole contact list of yourself. I have all the friends list.

A lot of information is downloaded to my system.

I am asking from you a small fee of 650 USD.
If you don’t pay, all the naughty screen videos will be sent to your friends and family. I will distribute them to everywhere.

Send the amount to my bitcoin address: 13z8jRK5z9PkVdim6nfmH4Qqqk6UAmycJr
I give you 36 hours to complete the transfer.

When you open that message, I will know it and the countdown starts.

First of all, you should not that Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam comes from some type of bogus sender and the main goal of it is to collect money from gullible users. Paying the $650, $700, or $750 price is a huge amount of money for a regular person! The good news is that you can avoid transferring such ransoms as there is not true video recorded of you.

The best thing to do here is to remove Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam from your email box. Afterward, you can continue by scanning the entire computer system with a tool such as Reimage or SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner to ensure if it is fully protected. In some cases, scam messages might hide and deliver malicious components in their messages or attachments clipped.

Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam
Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam - a bogus email message that pretends to be sent by an infamous hijacker named Jeanson James Ancheta

After Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam removal, you have to get concerned about your data safety as your email address was supposedly exposed somewhere that a random criminal was able to reach it. The most popular two occasions during which private data is revealed are these ones:

  • Entering personal information about yourself during bogus surveys of reward claims.
  • Getting your email address exposed during some type of data breach.

If you do not remember entering any personal data when provided with questionnaires and surveys, you can try looking if your email was exposed during a data breach via If this appears to be the way how Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam has reached your email box, change your passwords to more complex ones immediately.

About the infamous hacker Jeanson James Ancheta

According to research, Jeanson James Ancheta appears to be the first person that was charged for taking control of an enormous network of hijacked computers/botnets. This man is known for hacking around 500,000 computer systems which resulted not only in regular user attacks but also allowed Ancheta to perform massive attempts.[2]

Jeanson James Ancheta was caught in November 2005 while deliberately tricked by FBI authorities. Later on, in 2006 the hacker committed his guilt and was sentenced for 5 years of prison. In addition, Ancheta was also charged to pay $15,000 to the United States federal government as a refund for hacking the military's computer systems in the past.

Hackers capture email addresses during breaches or via surveys

Do you ever remember being approached with a rogue survey or reward claim that requires entering your email addresses and other similar data? Well, here is where your email address might have got exposed to the world wide web if you have not been careful and typing in private information wherever it is asked for.

You should always overrun various questionnaires and surveys that aim to collect information about you. Besides, note that reward claims which offer winning new Samsung or iPhone mobile phone devices also are not realistic. Do not put your beliefs in these fake prize claims close all pop-ups that aim to offer the bogus rewards.

Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam SPAM tool
Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam is a fake message that should not be followed and needs to be removed immediately

Another way how your email address might have got captured is if it was leaked during a data breach. If the information that was included in the leak was widely exposed to the Internet sphere, there is a big chance that hackers might have found your email there. Check if your email address name was involved in a breach activity by visiting[3]

Removal possibilities regarding malware that might have escaped through Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam

If you want to remove Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam from your computer, the only thing you should do is delete the message from your inbox or spam sections. However, the investigation process should not end here. According to experts from,[4] you should also automatically check your machine system in case any threats escaped.

Some cybercriminals might add bogus attachments or hyperlinks to the delivered scam message where malware might be planted. If you happened to open such particular component, you should definitely scan the computer with antivirus such as Reimage, SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner, or Malwarebytes to check for possible malware strains after the Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam removal is completed.

We want to remind you one more time that Jeanson J. Ancheta email scam virus is only a fake message with misleading purposes. You should avoid paying the crooks as you will lose your money for completely nothing. In addition, do not reveal any personal details to the criminals, do not put any interest in the message, and get rid of it right away.

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