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Remove SZBrowser (Free Guide) - updated Oct 2020

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Avast SafeZone browser is a search tool that might be bundled with freeware or shareware

Avast Secure BrowserAvast SafeZone browser is the online browsing tool that interferes with default settings on the machine and imports various bookmarks, sets the app as a default browser automatically, and makes other alterations, sometimes without direct permission. Also, SZBrowser is a component of Avast Safe Zone and is commonly referred to as Avast Secure Browser. It is usually offered when installing Avast anti-virus software and is based on the Chromium project.[1]

SZBrowser provides a variety of enhanced features when it comes to internet security, including AdBlock, Anti-Phishing, Privacy Cleaner, and many other security components. However, while some users might be fascinated by its functionality, it was reported that Avast Security browser suffers from JavaScript[2] attacks, which allows hackers to intercept and harvest all private data of the user. Additionally, users complained about a lack of support if any issues arise. While it might serve as an alternative option for a default web browser, SZBrowser has a few shortcomings that users are not entirely happy about.

Name Avast SafeZone browser / SZBrowser
Type Browser
Based on Chromium project
Installation Offered together with Avast software
Elimination Follow our instructions below on how to remove Avast SafeZone browser
Optimization Use Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego if you want to make sure that your system is in the best shape

Avast SafeZone browser was only available with the paid version of Avast anti-virus software, but users can now download it for free online. Nevertheless, some complained about the browser appearing seemingly out of nowhere and were looking for quick SafeZone browser removal solutions. 

Chromium is an open-source project started by Google which allows developers to create their own browsers based on Google Chrome. As to be expected, several bad actors to put their fingers on it, which later turned into the Chromium virus. Nevertheless, SZBrowser's flaw had nothing to with Chromium itself but was rather embedded in the program's feature – SafeZone’s Bank Mode.

Google Project Zero researcher Travis Ormandy revealed the security flaw[3] in 2015. He claimed that malicious JavaScript code could be executed into the mentioned feature, granting attackers full access to users' data.  Eventually, Avast patched the security flaw in 2016. However, users who did not patch their software, should immediately do it, or remove Avast SafeZone browser altogether.

Avast SafeZone browser includes the following protection features:

  • Ad blocker: this add-on can be downloaded separately on other browsers, but the feature is automatically included;
  • Bank Mode: this mode allows users to perform banking and shopping transactions safely. The module runs its own DNS servers, completely isolating users from potential threats;
  • Password manager: the feature allows users to use suggested passwords and sync them between desktop and mobile applications;
  • SafePrice: works like a price-comparison tool, offering other options for purchase.

SZBrowserSZBrowser is legitimate application provided by Avast.

There are many more features included in the Avast SafeZone browser. However, due to the already mentioned vulnerability, it is unknown how secure the application actually is. Thus, experts recommend using more prominent browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

Among picking a reliable browser, we also suggest you use security software and PC repair tools like Reimage Reimage Cleaner Intego. These applications will make sure that your machine is running smoothly and virus-free. Avast SafeZone browser 

However, the data tracking is an issue known to people who have some knowledge about advertising services and other shady PUPs. Although the Avast SafeZone browser is safe as it is, there are many related advertisers and third-party companies that have other purposes and aims. Experts[4] always note how dangerous it gets when you visit suspicious commercial pages, gambling sites, or use shady applications.

The Privacy Policy of the Avast SafeZone browser states that it also collects some non-personally identifiable information about users' web browsing activities:

Our websites use cookies to acquire data that may be used to determine your physical location via your IP Address and automated geolocation techniques, or to acquire basic information about the computer, tablet, or mobile phone that you use to visit us. 

While it is typical for companies to collect a certain amount of data about users, you should be aware that SZBrowser is performing these activities (sometimes users are unaware because such details are only explained in Privacy Policy statements).

Avast SafeZone browser virusAvast SafeZone browser is the version of Chromium that should block ads and other content but it causes more of them instead.

Avoid potentially unwanted applications by being attentive during program installation

Unwanted applications are often introduced to users' computers during the installation of freeware and shareware. The process is called software bundling and is used by millions of distributors. Some are reputable, but sore software developers can hide adware or other potentially unwanted programs inside installation managers.

Therefore, it is vital to learn how to install applications correctly. First of all, you should be wary of the download source – third-party websites might offer you apps that will flood your browser with ads, coupons, banners, pop-ups, and other commercial content, disturbing browsing sessions on the daily basis.

During the installation, make sure you select Advanced/Custom installation settings, as Recommended/Quick ones can hide optional components that would otherwise be installed on the system. Typically, if a Recommended option is picked, users simply skip steps that reveal the hidden elements.

Various popular tools that have a reputation in the past get misused, copied, and delivered as real legitimate tools. However, often using a program from the internet that resembles an official app doesn't mean that you use secure software at all.

Uninstall Avast SafeZone browser from your computer

Some people claimed that uninstalling the app is almost impossible. We must assure you that it is not true and getting rid of it is entirely possible. That being said, users should enter the Control Panel and find the app to remove Avast SafeZone browser from their PCs. If, for some reason that did not work, users should enter Safe Mode with Networking.

The man reason for Avast SafeZone browser removal is its unexpected appearance on the machine, and users were really unhappy about this “surprise.” While the security of the app is questionable, it is not malicious at all and can be used by anyone, if desired. Nevertheless, as we already mentioned, we recommend users to pick more trusted browsers.

In case the uninstallation did not succeed, you should enter Safe Mode with Networking and proceed from there:

  • Go to Sign in screen
  • Press and hold Shift key and click on Power button and pick Restart
  • Once Windows restarts, choose Troubleshoot
  • Select Advanced options > Startup Settings
  • Pick Enable Safe Mode and click Restart

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Choose a proper web browser and improve your safety with a VPN tool

Online spying has got momentum in recent years and people are getting more and more interested in how to protect their privacy online. One of the basic means to add a layer of security – choose the most private and secure web browser. Although web browsers can't grant full privacy protection and security, some of them are much better at sandboxing, HTTPS upgrading, active content blocking, tracking blocking, phishing protection, and similar privacy-oriented features. However, if you want true anonymity, we suggest you employ a powerful Private Internet Access VPN – it can encrypt all the traffic that comes and goes out of your computer, preventing tracking completely.


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