How to remove backdoors
Stay safe online - 2019-03-20

Database of backdoors

March 05, 2019


nEnhancer is a browser extension for Netflix that engages in malicious behavior. More
March 04, 2019


HTML:Script-inf is a script that is hosted on the malicious sites to propagate malware. More
February 27, 2019


QakBot virus is a banking trojan which appears on Windows computers usually as Win32/Qakbot. More
February 26, 2019

Rietspoof malware

Rietspoof is a sophisticated malware family that uses multi-stage infection technique and uploads several malicious payloads on the infected system. More
February 20, 2019

iPhone virus

iPhone virus is a term used to describe malware that affects iPhone devices. More
February 18, 2019

Fotaprovider virus

Fotaprovider virus is an unwanted program that comes preinstalled on Chinese Android devices . More
February 18, 2019


INF:AutoRun-gen is the generic name used by antivirus programs to report about the cyber threat on the system. More
February 15, 2019


FileRepMalware is a potential threat reported on users' computers by antivirus programs and tools. More
February 13, 2019


IDP.ALEXA.51 is a term used by Avast, AVG or Avira to identify different types of malware, but can also be false positive. More
February 07, 2019

CookieMiner malware

CookieMiner malware is a virus that exfiltrates web browser cookies related to cryptocurrency exchange websites. More
February 06, 2019

Cloudnet virus

Cloudnet virus is a trojan that usually arrives with the help of other malware. More
February 04, 2019

Critical Security alert

Google critical Security alert scam – fake message which has nothing to do with the tech giant it “represents” Critical Security alert is a fraudulent message which has been actively spreading around within the Gmail inbox.More
January 30, 2019


NRSMiner is a malicious crypto miner that was seen infiltrating machines in Asia with the help of EternalBlue exploit. More
January 28, 2019


JS:Agent-EGF is malware that is capable of downloading other malicious files onto the host PC. More
January 22, 2019

Kissmanga malware

Kissmanga malware is a set of malicious cyber infections that are related to manga distribution website. More
January 16, 2019

Torrent virus

Torrent virus is a term that describes a variety of malware that users inject via the peer-to-peer service. More
January 08, 2019

WhatsApp virus

WhatsApp virus is a term used for a variety of malware and scams that are directed to the popular communications app WhatsApp. More
December 26, 2018

Facebook virus

Facebook virus is a term used to describe various scams on this social giant. More
December 20, 2018

Twitter virus

Twitter virus is a phrase used to describe dangerous malware spreading via this networking service . More
December 13, 2018

iTranslator virus

iTranslator virus is a man-in-the-middle malware that is capable of controlling Windows systems. More
December 05, 2018

Facebook Message virus

Facebook Messenger virus — a malicious strategy used to infect devices via Facebook attachment spam. More
November 29, 2018

Android virus

Android virus — malware that exclusively targets Android OS supporting devices and has tons of different versions. More
November 29, 2018

Facebook Friend Request virus

Facebook Friend Request virus is another social media hoax that attempts to gain control of your account or access sensitive data. More
November 23, 2018

Mirai virus

Mirai malware is a sophisticated botent launched by cybercriminals in 2016 and is still active today. More
November 22, 2018

Pinterest virus

Pinterest virus – a set of threats that is distributed via the Pinterest platform. More
November 20, 2018

DarkGate virus

DarkGate – sophisticated malware campaign that mines crypto and locks up data . More

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