Stay safe online - 2017-11-19

Get rid of Tixanbot

Tixanbot or Backdoor.Tixanbot is an extremely dangerous backdoor that gives the remote attacker full unauthorized access to a compromised computer.More
Backdoors Viruses   November 05, 2015  

Briba removal (1)

Briba. What is known about it? Briba is a malicious Trojan horse that is made to open a backdoor connection for a remote attacker to the compromised computer. It's first wave of spread has been recorded in 2012. It's targeting Windows OS based computers. It supports all Windows versions, including the newest Windows 10, what means that no one is protected from this T... More
Backdoors Viruses   November 05, 2015  

FinSpy removal guide

What is FinSpy? FinSpy was designed as a legitimate program which was developed and distributed by Gamma International as a law enforcement tool that can be used for monitoring computers and collecting various information.More
Backdoors Viruses   September 01, 2014  


SikBot is an IRC-controlled backdoor, which gives the attacker unauthorized remote access to the compromised computer.More
Backdoors Viruses   December 04, 2005  
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