What is cnfrm.exe? Should I remove it?

Cnfrm.exe is a malicious executable file that may be disguising malware

Cnfrm.exe is a malicious file that is associated with an email worm called W32/Mimail.D. This worm installs itself on a system as an exe file and creates a startup key in the Windows registry. Cnfrm.exe malicious executable file can run in the system's background and take care of such tasks as launching particular parts of the worm or the worm itself. There is a possibility to find a legitimate version of this process in Task Manager, so don't be quick to terminate it right after discovery. However, the safe file shouldn't cause high usage of computer resources or initiate other problems related to computer's work. If you found this executable process running on your PC, consider running a full system scan with updated anti-spyware. 

Name Cnfrm.exe
Type Malicious file
Symptoms High usage of CPU resources, performs Dos attacks
Related to Email worm W32/Mimail.D, Mimail.C worm, Mimail.F, W32/Mimail.F@mm, I-Worm.Mimail.f
Distribution Insecure software installations
Removal Use FortectIntego for Cnfrm.exe removal

Cnfrm.exe virus starts acting up right after this malicious process is installed on the system. As we have mentioned, it is closely related to computer worms performing DoS attacks on the following sites:

  • fethard.biz; 
  • fethard-finance.com;
  • spews.org;
  • spamhaus.org;
  • spamcop.net;
  • www.fethard.biz; 
  • www.fethard-finance.com;
  • www.spews.org;
  • www.spamhaus.org;
  • www.spamcop.net. 

This malware might be related to other similar programs: Mimail.F, W32/Mimail.F@mm, I-Worm.Mimail.f.  These are cyber infections that propagate in email messages containing the worm code hidden in infected EXE or ZIP file.

This worm spreads using a file attachment from the email that contains the following text:

 john@[domain of the recipient]
 don't be late!

 [some random characters]
 Will meet tonight as we agreed, because on Wednesday I don't think I'll make it,
 so don't be late. And yes, by the way here is the file you asked for.
It's all written there. See you.
 [some random characters] Attachment:

The file attached to this email is a ZIP archive that contains an executable READNOW.DOC.SCR file designed to install Cnfrm.exe on the system. Additionally, the file launches the worm on the device to help it start spying on its victim and initiate other malicious activities. Some variants can even try to steal victim's credit card information. 

You need to scan your system with anti-malware programs like FortectIntego to determine if your device is infected with the dangerous worm. Based on the results from the scan, remove Cnfrm.exe and related files or programs from the system. 

You shouldn't consider manual Cnfrm.exe removal, because it does not guarantee that your system will be freed of all malicious components that belong to worm and similar viruses. In addition, keep in mind that the file comes from insecure email attachments, so there is a possibility that there are additional programs or files hiding in your system. Anti-malware tools can detect and remove them all. 

Suspicious emails contain malicious files

This executable file is associated with an email worm. This category means that direct code of the cyber threat is hidden in the file attached to the email. These intruders come in various versions and have many similar functionalities. But the main similarity is the distribution method using ZIP or EXE file attachments. These files contain the worm code itself and infect the system during file download.  

Also, malicious actors use commonly known exe files as a disguise for their harmful products. If you choose questionable sites or peer-to-peer services as your software sources, keep in mind that you may get unwanted programs during those installations. Opt for Advanced or Custom settings during these processes and make sure that you are getting the software you need. This option allows you to de-select additional programs from the full list of products bundled together. 

Scan your system with professional tools and get rid of Cnfrm.exe 

The first step you should do if you want to remove Cnfrm.exe is downloading the anti-malware program. Once installed, use this tool to scan your device and determine whether your PC is infected on not. Keep in mind that you need a professional help to make sure that all possible threats, including malicious files and serious malware, are eliminated. 

For Cnfrm.exe removal, we highly recommend using tools like FortectIntego, SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes. They have been approved as great programs to keep the system protected from different kind of threats, including the computer worms. If this particular file is associated with a worm or other malware, these programs will help you find all associated components during the same scan. 

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Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Intego, try running Combo Cleaner.
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