What is EasySpeedUpManager2.exe? Should I remove it?

EasySpeedUpManager2.exe is a pre-installed software used by Samsung computers

EasySpeedUpManager2.exe is an executable used by Easy SpeedUp Manager v2 program created by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd for Windows operating systems. The file is usually located in C:\Program Files sub-folder and its size range between 579k bytes and 602k bytes. The most common version of the program is This app is not an essential component of Windows and can be removed safely. 

 Name EasySpeedUpManager2.exe
 Type Software executable
Used by Easy SpeedUp Manager v2
Created by Samsung Electronics Co
Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Main dangers May be malware in disguise, especially when several processes are running, as well as it is located NOT in C:\Program Files sub-folder
Optional? Yes
Removal Only necessary if malware

Easy SpeedUp Manager is a tool used for keyboard shortcuts which can boost the performance of the device. Because of this functionality, the program can record keyboard and mouse inputs. The software modifies Windows registry to boot with every Windows startup, connects to the internet automatically, as well as adds an exception in Windows Firewall. If EasySpeedUpManager2.exe is a genuine file, all these modifications will not harm the machine in any way. 

Executables are important files that the computer could not function without, as it has an important set of instructions the machine uses to perform a function. In some cases, certain bugs within the system or software files, outdated drivers, corrupt registry keys and others can cause EasySpeedUpManager2.exe to malfunction and cause problems. These errors may occur whenever the application is starting or during its process and, in some cases, appear at random times. 

Users reported that EasySpeedUpManager2.exe can cause Avira or AVG security software to detect a threat called IDP.ALEXA.51. There is no evidence that it is an actual virus and security experts mainly agree that it is a false positive. Nevertheless, it does not mean that crooks cannot create malware that uses the same name, just to throw-off users.

Nevertheless, EasySpeedUpManager2.exe may be a sign of malware infection as well, especially if multiple processes are running and their location is C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. These type of threats are trojan horses which also may emit the following symptoms:

  • Increased CPU or/and GPU usage
  • Computer software may malfunction, become non-responsive or crash entirely
  • Slow computer performance
  • Slow internet performance
  • Additional applications installed without consent
  • An increased amount of advertisement or redirects to malicious websites

In some cases, malware is capable of recording keystrokes and steal private information, including credit card details or social security number. Additionally, a trojan horse may also compromise the normal operation of the machine and let other cyber threats in. In such case, you should remove EasySpeedUpManager2.exe without hesitation. 

Malware can get into your machine in various ways

While original file by Samsung usually comes pre-installed, malicious file twins can arrive into the targeted machine in deceptive ways. Trojans typically enter devices using malicious installers hidden inside spam emails, repacked or cracked software, fake updates, and similar. Therefore users should be careful when they are using the internet or open emails from unknown sources.

To avoid cyberthreats, undertake the following practices:

  • Install robust security software and keep it up to date;
  • Consistently back-up all the important files on remote storage, such as cloud or external drive;
  • Never open emails (especially attachments) coming from unknown sources;
  • Avoid file-sharing, peer-to-peer sites and clients;
  • Always choose Advanced installation settings during freeware installation and remove PUPs before they can enter your machine;
  • Update operating system and software whenever new patches come out.

EasySpeedUpManager2.exe should be immediately removed if security software detect it as a virus

In some cases, cyber infections such as trojans might emit very little to no symptoms. Additionally, not many users would go and check their task manager for multiple instances of the same process running. Thus, it is vital to have security software installed on your machine. It can detect and remove the EasySpeedUpManager2.exe virus from your computer in just a few moments.

Manual EasySpeedUpManager2.exe removal should only be executed if the file is genuine and the user does not wish the software to be installed. To uninstall Easy SpeedUp Manager on Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Type in Control Panel into the search box next to the Start button
  2. Under Programs, select Uninstall a program
  3. Scroll down and locate Easy SpeedUp Manager in the Programs and Features window
  4. Right-click on the program and press Uninstall
  5. Wait till uninstallation process is complete
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