What is GoToAssist.exe? Should I remove it?

GoToAssist.exe — legitimate process which might be exploited by criminals

GoToAssist.exe is an executable file which belongs to an entirely legitimate remote access tool. Unfortunately, cybercriminals exploit this program when trying to trick novice computer users with Fastsupport scam. Hackers use this software to their advantage to gain remote access and install malware or perform other malicious activities on targeted systems. If you haven't intentionally installed this software, there is a substantial risk that GoToAssist.exe process might be exploited by scammers. You can detect it running in the Task Manager.

Name GoToAssist.exe
Type Application file 
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Symptoms Displays system errors, may appear on the Task manager or working in the background
Distribution Users can be tricked to install it manually while visiting scam websites or it can come with software-bundles
Danger As this software allows to take remote control of the PC, criminals might infect the system with malware or other dangerous programs
Elimination Use FortectIntego to disable GoToAssist.exe

EXE files contain instructions that the computer needs to follow to perform a specific function. When you click on GoToAssist.exe, PC automatically launches the program according to these executable instructions. As a result, malevolent people might access your computer remotely. 

If GoToAssist.exe is used for malicious purposes, cybercriminals can use it to obtain sensitive data from the targeted device. It includes performing the following activity:

  • Read, save, and send emails;
  • Collect logins and passwords;
  • Infiltrate malicious programs;
  • Steal credentials and banking details.

Usually, people can unconsciously agree to install GoToAssist.exe if they encounter a fake tech support site which claims that their computers are infected. As a result, they are urged to give remote control over their systems to fix the non-existent issue. This way, hackers can exploit legitimate GoToAssist.exe process for malicious purposes.

In case you have installed GoToAssist.exe by yourself to use the screen-sharing or other useful features, this process should not cause harm to your computer or your personal details. Likewise, it is essential to be sure that this program is not used as a tool by scammers to gain illegal profits. 

If GoToAssist.exe is not malicious but still causes problems, it might be that it is corrupted or in need of an update. This process might display various errors during computer system or program startup or trying to use some function on the device. The most common errors by GoToAssist.exe are the following: 

  • “Gotoassist.exe Application Error.”
  • “Gotoassist.exe is not running.”
  • “Gotoassist.exe failed.”
  • “Faulting Application Path: gotoassist.exe.” 
  • “Gotoassist.exe not found.”
  • “Error starting program: gotoassist.exe.”
  • “Gotoassist.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “Gotoassist.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Since this remote access tool might display numerous errors, users tend to call it GoToAssist.exe virus. However, the developers of the software have never intended to create a malicious program. Unfortunately, criminals have found their own ways how to exploit it for their benefit. 

Likewise, you should be extremely cautious with GoToAssist.exe. Make sure that you have not been tricked to give remote control over your device. In case you are not sure, we strongly recommend GoToAssist.exe removal. For that, professional security programs might be useful. 

Anti-malware programs like FortectIntego are perfect when trying to remove GoToAssist.exe or fix any related issues. This tool can perform a full system scan and help identify malware. 

Hackers infiltrate the remote access tool via deceptive scam sites

According to the researchers, there are numerous scam websites which are designed to distribute the malicious version of the remote access tool. They are developed display fake virus messages which claim that users' computers are infected. As a result, people are urged to contact the so-called tech support. 

Unfortunately, this tech support does not exist. In reality, scammers behind this title are trying to force users into installing the remote control software in order to obtain sensitive information or even infiltrate malware. Likewise, many people can be scammed via fraudulent virus alert sites online.

Additionally, users should be aware that legitimate processes and files are used by criminals as a disguise for malware. And the easiest way to spread it is file attachments filled with macro-viruses. These attachments look legitimate but contain various malicious payloads. Spam emails can look safe because of these Word or Excel files attached, but even virus developers know how to misuse known company names.

Letter content might make no sense with attachment or contain commercial content that is irrelevant. Be aware that spam email box automatically fills up with useless letters. Delete them without opening. Downloading and opening those attachments can create more issues than you think.

Remove GoToAssist.exe using professional tools

To remove GoToAssist.exe related problems, the best solution is using anti-malware tools like FortectIntego or Malwarebytes and performing a full system scan. This can ensure that the program detected all possible threats and identified whether GoToAssist.exe is malicious or safe to use.

If the process is safe, GoToAssist.exe removal might be not needed. In case it causes errors, you should update the software, applications and download new drivers. Always do that occasionally so you can avoid dealing with malware and other threats. Keep everything up-to-date so you can be sure that your PC is secure. 

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Alternative Software
Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
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