What is IntelService.exe? Should I remove it?

IntelService.exe CPU Miner can reduce PC's performance significantly

IntelService.exe file belongs to the CPU Miners[1] that seek to infect as much PCs as possible and then use their resources for mining Monero cryptocurrency.[2] This file can take up to 70% of processing power leading to severe slowdowns, unresponsiveness, and crashes on your system.

IntelService.exe Trojan typically spreads via P2P networks as a crack of legitimate software. It can also access the system via compromised Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP) or as a freeware attachment.

Once the file is executed, it automatically connects to the mining pool and starts exploiting both, CPU and GPU, resources. More experienced PC users can notice unusual CPU and GPU usage in Task Manager, unresponsive programs, prolonged boot time, unexpected restarts, sluggish minimization/maximization of opened windows, and so on.

The intelservice.exe virus is closely related to the srvany.exe file which is responsible for the Intel Service Trojan registration as one of the user-defined system files. This way, the CPU Miner developers protect the file from removal and make sure that the cryptocurrency will be mined for an undefined period.

Since a single PC that mines the cryptocurrency can hardly bring profit, hackers seek to connect many PCs with IntelService.exe CPU Miner and create as much Crypto tokens as possible.

Although the mining of digital currency is not an illegal activity, disguising mining files, or rather Trojans, under the names of legitimate system components like Intel[3] (the major processor manufacturer) is a tactic used by hackers to trick less experienced PC users.

Since the process of IntelService.exe malware will work in Task Manager among legitimate ones, it can hardly attract attention as the name Intel Service seems to be right in place, but in this case, it's not. That's why security experts recommend performing a deep system scan with a professional anti-malware on a regular base. If you haven't done that for ages, install FortectIntego and remove IntelService.exe virus automatically.

IntelService.exe malware is also capable of stealing sensitive data, tracking keystroke, opening a backdoor for other cyber threats or downloading updates for itself and its counterparts. Due to these traits it has been classified as a Trojan and included into the antimalware database.

Do not download stand-alone files from P2P networks

CPU miners or Trojans can be distributed in various ways, including spam email attachments, P2P networks, and online chats. They may be offered as cracks of legitimate software, such as Photoshop, Zip programs, popular games or even OS parts.

Also, the Trojan horse can get installed via remote desktop accounts or links to corrupted websites that are inserted into various discussion forums.

Spyware, worms, keyloggers and other cyber threats are perfect transmitters of cryptominers either. The malware that belongs to the mentioned categories can initiate various illegal activities on the infected computer one of which is the disclosure of the backdoor.

In a nutshell, to keep the system protected, it's wise not to download unknown software or, even worse, stand-alone files as you may install a trojan horse. Besides, make sure to visit trusted websites only; otherwise, restrain from clicking on ads and links provided on them.

If you have a suspect that your PC is infected with IntelService.exe CPU miner, install a professional anti-malware, be it FortectIntego, or update the one that you are currently using. Launch it and remove the application immediately.

IntelService.exe removal tutorial below

The intellservice.exe virus can run multiple processes on Task Manager and diminish overall PC's performance significantly. As we have already mentioned, the file may be protected by a srvany.exe helper, which is why you may have problems with its removal. 

According to AV tests, the IntelService.exe virus can be detected alongside Application.BitCoinMiner.LL,RDN/Generic PUP.x,TR/Lofumin.qwxpo,TROJ64_COINMINER.D, Unwanted-Program ( 004e2f7e1 ), W32.Bitcoinminerin64/BitCoinMiner.BN malware, etc., so if you found it running in Task Manager, manual IntelService.exe removal is not recommended. Render a professional anti-malware tool and run a full system scan to wipe out each piece of malware.

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Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Software
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