What is QtWebEngineProcess.exe? Should I remove it?

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QtWebEngineProcess is translated to Origin Client Service which sometimes can cause high CPU usage

QtWebEngineProcess is a legitimate executable file made to help certain Windows programs run properly. In most of the cases, it is related to Origin – a platform dedicated to gamers who seek to connect to their friends at the same time.[1] However, the executable can also be used by these apps:

  • Chromium-based Qt WebEngine
  • Ring Central
  • Bitlord
  • Dropbox

While it is not a crucial system file, it should not be terminated if you want to ensure a normal operation of the previously mentioned programs. However, at the same time, note that it is not a Windows component, so it can be removed if affects the performance of your device. If QtWebEngineProcess is taking a generous amount of the computer's memory, you should try reinstalling the Origin app to get rid of this issue. You should also take into account the file should be checked with the security app to make sure it is not malicious. Keep in mind that malware[2] developers have been misusing names of legitimate files to hide them on the system. If your anti-spyware didn't find anything malicious, try tips given in this article

Name QtWebEngineProcess
Type Executable file/Application file
Purpose Executable for certain programs, e.g. Dropbox, Origin, Bitlord, Ring Central
Location C:\Program Files subfolder
Symptoms of malicious version Causes error messages, takes lots of computer's resources
Distribution Comes together with legitimate apps; infiltrates with spam if malicious
Elimination Use Reimage to scan the system thoroughly

QtWebEngineProcess.exe system error has appeared in various discussions on the Internet after users started noticing that there are several versions of the same file running in the system's background. Additionally, there have been numerous complains about the file's tendency to use high amounts of CPU.[3] As one of such users claims:

Its using over 200mb of ram whilst its doing nothing. The CPU is always pegged at 20% usage and the GPU is always pegged around 40%+ when the system is idle and doing nothing.

Typically, reinstalling Origin and other related apps helps to bring everything to the place. However, if QtWebEngineProcess is taking high CPU can still be noticed, note that malware producers can easily misuse the name of this file to hide their malicious products on the system. The main signs showing that the file is malicious are high consumption of PC's resources and system's malfunction. 

The main facts about QtWebEngineProcess:

  • Located in C:\Program Files subfolder;
  • Known to be up to 22,024 bytes in size on most Windows;
  • If safe, it should not use computer resources all the time.

If you have been struggling with this executable, you are supposed to determine the trustworthiness of this file before QtWebEngineProcess removal. You can do that by locating this process running on the Task Manager. Find its location  (it should be found in C:\Program Files) and compare the size to upper-mentioned facts. 

Users often complain that this executable process appeared on their system out of nowhere and that they have no idea why it is affecting the performance of their computer in such a significant way. According to researchers[4], ending the process does not help you fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe application error because, when associated applications run on the system, this process is relaunched once again. You need to uninstall related apps to remove QtWebEngineProcess completely.

Since this is an executable process related to several legitimate apps, removing it may affect the performance of some applications or services. Run a full system scan with Reimage to determine the trustworthiness of this executable and make sure that there is no malware inside.  

Various types of files can be downloaded without realizing that

Commonly seen files with .exe or .dll extensions are often found misused by malicious actors. Since the computer runs a lot of processes at the same time, you cannot spot these files running in the background and posing serious harm to your computer.

Spam email campaigns or software bundles[5] have been actively used to spread this kind of malicious data. During insecure installations, people are tricked into downloading various programs together with questionable files. The same can be said about spam email campaigns that trick users into downloading safe-looking files which are infected with serious viruses and their components.

.exe files have been used by malicious actors to launch background processes, such as download malware, start mining cryptocurrency mining or open backdoors for more severe malware. Avoid these cyber infections be choosing Advanced installation settings and cleaning the email bix more frequently and paying more attention to details like typos or questionable subject lines.

QtWebEngineProcess.exe elimination is crucial if the file is found to be malicious

As we mentioned before, QtWebEngineProcess is a legitimate part of Origin. However, if it has been causing application errors, high CPU and similar issues, you can try to remove QtWebEngineProcess from the system and then install it again together with Origin or another app which is related to it.

However, security experts also recommend checking the trustworthiness of this executable to make sure that its purpose is not helping malware to perform its fraudulent tasks. The best diagnosis for these suspicious files is the full system scan with one of these programs Reimage, SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes. If the file is found as malicious, the same apps will take care of QtWebEngineProcess.exe removal and will also get rid of related malware.

However, note that you shouldn't delete a perfectly safe executable because it can affect the performance of related programs. Make sure to keep your software and programs up-to-date so you can avoid any issues caused by corrupted files in the future. As for software functionality related issues, search for driver and software updates more frequently, so there is little to no possibility of such problems. 

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Problem diagnosis program Happiness
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Alternative Software
Different security software includes different virus database. If you didn’t succeed in finding malware with Reimage, try running alternative scan with Combo Cleaner.

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