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Identities for sale (1)

Recovering from identity theft can take years and cost thousands of dollars. More
General News   2007-03-21

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report

Yesterday, Symantec, makers of popular Norton Antivirus, have released the eleventh version of their Internet Security Threat Report providing an overview of malware and attacks seen in a period from July to December, 2006. More
General News   2007-03-20

Targeted attacks

According to F-Secure, one of the leading antivirus and security software makers, cyber criminals now turn their efforts to attacking individuals that have highly valuable information rather than regular computer users that have no useful info at all. More
General News   2007-03-20

Interesting example of file sharing malware (7)

File sharing networks are among the largest sources of malware infections. More
News Viruses and parasites   2007-03-16

McAfee mapping the malware web

McAfee, well-known security software company, made available latest statistics on malicious web sites around the world. More

HijackThis acquired by Trend Micro (1)

Trend Micro, one of the leading antivirus and security software companies, acquired HijackThis, probably the most popular tool used in threat analytics and malware removal. More
Anti-spyware software News   2007-03-14

Articles (1)

All articles have been moved to the WordPress-based News section. More
News The project   2007-03-09

Spam sent by you (1)

We all hate spammers, right? How many times did you see spam with unrelated links on your favorite forums? More

Your router can be hijacked. Easily (1)

How many of us have computers connected to the Internet through routers? More
Articles Security   2007-02-22

SpyDawn (3)

We see a major decrease in AntiVermins, AntiVerminser and AntiVermeans infections. More
News Viruses and parasites   2007-02-21

Valentine’s Day patches

On Tuesday, Microsoft released monthly security updates issuing patches to fix 20 vulnerabilities in its most popular software including Windows, Office and even new anti-spyware and antivirus tools. More
News Vulnerabilities   2007-02-15

Nurech – Valentine’s day worm

Panda Software, makers of the popular Panda Antivirus, have noticed new rapidly spreading Internet worm. More
News Viruses and parasites   2007-02-08

HpHOSTS ?€“ untrustworthy resource (3)

hpHOSTS is a web site of the community managed hosts file, which is used for blocking access to thousands of malicious web sites. More
Articles Security   2007-02-05

Don’t get into a panic when you see this (4)

Misleading advertising is widespread. Deceptive ads, fake warnings and bogus error messages lurk on numerous sites that sell questionable products. More
General News   2007-01-31

Why updates are so important (1)

A lot of people ask me why software updates are so important and why do they need to update if their current setup works just fine? More
General News   2007-01-25