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Stay safe online - 2024-06-22

Thousands of people who bought identity fraud packages are under search by UK Police

A company named Confidential Access were offering their customers an interesting service - how to create a "legal" new identity. More
News Spam and phishing   2012-06-12

The iPhone And iPad Are Targets For Hackers (1)

The iPhone And iPad Are Targets For Hackers because of intense online iOS browsing activity. More
General News   2012-05-20

Malicious tweets spread rogue AV infecting Android users (1)

Security experts from warn about the malicious Tweets that include spammed URLs with the .tk extension. More
News Security   2012-05-16

Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware (5)

There are numerous users on the Internet who report about the Police Central e-crime Unit scam warning that blocked their entire computer. More
News Security   2012-03-29

Security Errors Detected pop pup

Security Errors Detected pop pup is just an imitation of genuine Windows message alert but in reality it is bluff. More
Security   2009-01-07

Intelinet Smart Security – spyware or anti-spyware? (25)

Intelinet Smart Security is a new applications that present itself as a spyware remover, however we can"t say it is rogue program, but it"s advertisement on some websites is misleading. More
News   2008-12-24

Critical Windows file labeled as malicious by AVG Anti-Virus (1)

No one wants to run a security program that uses false positives. More
News What's new   2008-11-12

Why hackers are faster than you are

Computer security researchers came up with an idea why internet isn't a safe place. More

Block malicious websites in advance (Updated) (9)

There are plenty of malicious websites today. Some of them install trojans and other malware once you visit them and others pretend to be legitimate websites that sell security tools. More
Articles Internet Security   2008-01-30

Wireless networks not safe

People tend to rely on wireless networks a lot these days, but there are things concerning the security measures employed in this method of connectivity that people don't know about, thus putting themselves in danger of being spied on. More

The holiday scam season is comming

Not unlike retailers, cyber-criminals are getting ready for Black Friday, which marks the beggining of the holiday season in the United States. More
General News What's new   2007-11-22

Worms are not the major threat anymore (1)

Computer worms used to be the worst malware that could infect a computer some time ago. More

Universities take serious measures against illegal downloaders

Finally, illegal downloaders from American universities will be stopped. More
General News What's new   2007-08-22

New form of Nigerian scam

You have probably seen so-called Nigerian scam e-mails sent by purportedly rich persons, who need to discreetly move money to bank accounts in US, UK or other countries abroad. More
Spam and phishing   2007-05-17

SpyLocked and Spyware Locked updates (2)

We are seeing regular updates of infamous rogues SpyLocked and Spyware Locked. More
Viruses and parasites   2007-05-12