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Anti-spyware database

February 10, 2023


Restoro – a powerful system repair and maintenance tool for Windows platforms.
April 30, 2021

eTrust Pestpatrol

eTrust PestPatrol – a security application showing decent malware detection results.
April 26, 2021

OSHI Defender

UPDATE: Based on reports from the developers of OSHI Defender, the program seems to be discontinued.
April 26, 2021

Ad Aware Pro

Ad Aware Pro is a well-known spyware remover. It offers advanced features for savvy computer users and IT professionals.
April 26, 2021


MASTR SCAN is an anti-spyware program made by the Indian-based Max Secure Software company specializing in security and privacy protection software.
April 26, 2021

ParetoLogic Anti Spyware

ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware is a new product of an anti-spyware company well-known for its XoftSpy and XoftSpySE series programs.
April 26, 2021


Prevx1 is a unique anti-malware product of Retendo Ltd., a privately held English company with 5 years experience in developing host intrusion prevention software .
April 26, 2021

Antiy Ghostbusters

Antiy Ghostbusters is a product of Antiy Labs, a China-based software company developing anti-malware programs, intrusion detection systems, cryptography tools and other security-related applications.
April 26, 2021

SpyWall Anti Spyware

SpyWall Anti-Spyware is a product of the Trlokom company working in Internet security field and developing secure software for corporate VPN, firewall and instant messaging control needs.
April 26, 2021

PC Pitstop Exterminate

PC Pitstop Exterminate is an on-demand scanner based on eTrust PestPatrol, one of the most popular security products available, known for its accurate spyware detection and huge parasite signature database.
April 26, 2021

Arovax AntiSpyware Beta

Arovax AntiSpyware Beta is a typical on-demand spyware scanner and remover with a limited set of functions.
April 26, 2021

System Spyware Interrogator

System Spyware Interrogator is an advanced security tool, which primary objective is searching for malware tracks in the system.
April 26, 2021


DriveHound is an anti-spyware program made by Panicware, a well-known privacy software company.
April 26, 2021

Malware Sweeper

Malware Sweeper pretends to be an advanced spyware remover providing effective system protection and reliable parasite removal.
April 26, 2021

INAC Anti Spyware

INAC Anti Spyware is a rebranded version of Spyware Nuker XT, a product of TrekBlue, Inc.
April 26, 2021

Spinach AntiSpyware

Spinach AntiSpyware is an advanced, but user-friendly spyware remover that implements real-time protection and provides useful security functions.
April 26, 2021


SpyNoMore is a simple, but effective spyware remover implementing advanced real-time protection.
April 26, 2021

Anonymizer Anti Spyware

Anonymizer Anti-Spyware, made by Anonymizer, Inc., is a powerful spyware remover able to identify and completely remove most spyware and adware infections from the compromised computer.
April 26, 2021


SpyZooka is a popular anti-spyware application produced by Blue Penguin software.
April 26, 2021

ZoneAlarm Anti Spyware

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware is a brand new addition to the well-appreciated series of popular Zone Labs products – firewalls, antivirus and security-related software.
April 26, 2021

SpyWare SmasheR

SpyWare SmasheR is a little known anti-spyware program designed to fight against spyware parasites, browser hijackers, malicious browser plugins and adware threats.
April 26, 2021

Yahoo Anti Spy

Yahoo! Anti-Spy is a spyware detection and removal tool integrated into popular Yahoo!
April 26, 2021

Adware Away

Adware Away is a quite effective, but not very popular anti-spyware program specially designed to eliminate the most infamous, widely spread and hard to get rid of browser hijackers, viruses, worms, keyloggers, spyware and adware parasites.
April 26, 2021

Spy Killer

Spy Killer is an effective, fast and easy-to-use spyware remover developed by Maxion Software company.
April 26, 2021

Trustsoft AntiSpyware

Trustsoft AntiSpyware is an effective, fast and easy-to-use spyware remover with basic set of functions.
April 26, 2021

AdWare SpyWare Removal

Free version of AdWare SpyWare Removal was used to scan several computers, including absolutely clean PCs and systems infected with different parasites.
April 26, 2021

Spy Emergency 2005

Spy Emergency 2005 is a quality anti-spyware product developed by Netgate company.
April 26, 2021

SpyCleaner Gold

SpyCleaner Gold is a powerful anti-spyware solution, developed by Topdownloads Networks & Euro Software company.
April 26, 2021


This effective online based spyware remover is a part of the managed anti-spyware service called SecureMyWindows.
April 26, 2021

XSpy Shield

XSpy Shield is a powerful and efficient anti-spyware solution, developed by Elcor Software company.
April 26, 2021


Disspy, originally developed by and acquired by, pretends to be a powerful anti-spyware solution.
April 26, 2021

Spyware Razor

Spyware Razor is a straightforward anti-spyware program with minimal set of most needed functions.