Ads by EnterDigital

What is EnterDigital? EnterDigital is a typical adware-type program that may start initiating various annoying activities on your computer. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

BlockAndSurf adware

BlockAndSurf is a potentially unwanted program , which has started spreading around and initiating unwanted activities on computers. More
Adware  August 13, 2014

SmarterPower ads

What is SmarterPower? SmarterPower is a questionable browser add-on. More
Adware  August 13, 2014

CouponTime virus

What is CouponTime? CouponTime is a browser add-on that is labeled as an adware and potentially unwanted program due to several negative attributed that it has. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

Ads by Pall Mall

What is Pall Mall? Pall Mall is yet another adware, which has already labeled as a potentially unwanted program and security experts warn that it may infiltrate your PC undetected. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

Ads by Cheap Coupon

What is Cheap Coupon? If your web browser works in an unusual manner, displays various commercial advertisements and constantly redirects you to unknown websites, it is very likely that Cheap Coupon adware has infiltrated your computer. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

Ads by ArcadeParlor

What is Arcade Parlor? ArcadeParlor is not a virus or malware. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

Ads by SharkShopper

What is SharkShopper? SharkShopper is yet another adware and potentially unwanted program that you should not only avoid using, but avoid installing at all. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

Ads by SaleMaker

What is SaleMaker? SaleMaker is a doubtful browser add-on capable of initiating various modifications and activities on target computer without user's consent. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

Total Dating Guide Toolbar

What is Total Dating Guide Toolbar? Total Dating Guide Toolbar is not a virus or malware. More
Browser Plugins  October 30, 2014

Ads by WebSpeed

What is WebSpeed? WebSpeed is a potentially unwanted program that promises to help people improve their browsing experience. More
Adware  October 30, 2014

Computer parasites

Computer parasites are unsolicited malicious programs, which are installed to the system without user knowledge and consent. Most of these threats silently run in background, so you can't notice them. If you have running suspicious processes, strange toolbars in your web browser, changed system settings, undesirable pop-ups or your system runs too slowly and unstably, then there is a huge possibility that your computer is infected with some parasites.

Parasite functionality and payload may vary depending on its type and its author's intentions. Some malicious programs such as viruses, trojans or worms are designed to corrupt files and damage the entire system. Others like spyware, keyloggers or browser hijackers are primarily intended to violate user privacy by stealing his sensitive information like identity data, passwords or credit card numbers.

We provide thousands of different parasite descriptions divided into major categories. If you have a computer parasite problem, try to identify the threat and go deeply through our project to find its removal instructions. If you want to solve your problem easy way, then go to our antispyware reviews section and choose software by you needs. There are hundred up to date reviews on site, choose wisely, because there are lots of bad products in spyware theme. Dont waste your money. We advice you to use one of recommended software.


Total parasites in our DB: 11111

WHAT IS ADWARE? Adware is any computer program that displays advertisements while the...
AOL parasites
WHAT IS AN AOL PARASITE? An AOL parasite is a malicious computer program designed to...
WHAT IS BACKDOOR? A backdoor is a malicious computer program or particular means that...
Browser Hijackers
WHAT IS A BROWSER HIJACKER? A browser hijacker is a malicious program, usually a web...
Browser Plugins
WHAT IS A BROWSER PLUGIN? A browser plugin (or plug-in) is a computer program that...
Credit card fraud. Carding programs and documents offers information and methods how to...
Corrupt websites
Corrupt websites are internet sites, that distribute malware or try to gather sensitive...
Cracks are software created to modify other software. Usual purpose is to remove...
WHAT IS A DIALER? A dialer is a program that uses a computer’s modem to...
Flooders are the programs thats tries to overload a connection by sending various...
WHAT IS A KEYLOGGER? A keylogger is a computer program that logs each keystroke a user...
Mail bombers
WHAT IS A MAIL BOMBER? A mail bomber is a computer program designed to flood user e-mail...
Malware are the programs which usually installs without user knowledge / consent and...
Network Management Tools
Network Management Tools are the programs which can log and examine network traffic,...
WHAT IS A NUKER? A nuker is a malicious trojan alike computer program that carries a...
WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Ransomware is a type of malicious computer software that threatens...
Remote Administration Tools
WHAT IS A REMOTE ADMINISTRATION TOOL? A remote administration tool (or RAT) is a program...
Rogue Antispyware
WHAT ARE ROGUE ANTISPYWARE Rogue Antispyware are parasites that mimic legitimate...
WHAT IS A SNIFFER? A sniffer, also known as a network analyzer, packet sniffer or...
SPAM tools
SPAM Tools are various programs created to work with huge amount of email addresses....
WHAT IS SPYWARE? Spyware is any software designed to collect user personal information...
System tools
System Tools are legitimate programs that belong to the category of 'Potentially unwanted...
WHAT IS A TROJAN? A trojan (or trojan horse) is a malicious computer program that is...
WAYS OF INFECTION Viruses infect a computer without user knowledge and consent. There...
WHAT IS A WORM? A worm is a malicious self-replicating computer program designed to...

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