How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2018-12-14

Database of browser hijackers

November 28, 2018 is a browser hijacker that creates the impression of usefulness by offering improved search results. More
November 27, 2018 — a browser hijacker which promotes MacKeeper and other questionable Mac removers. More
November 20, 2018 is a browser hijacker that redirects all searches to Yahoo. More
November 15, 2018

Opera redirect virus

Opera redirect virus is a set of potentially malicious applications that could lead to severe consequences. More
November 08, 2018

Chrome redirect virus

Chrome virus – browser hijacker which urges users to visit suspicious websites and install questionable apps. More
November 02, 2018 virus – a browser hijacker which is directly related to the malicious Appstein app. More
October 31, 2018 redirect

Yahoo Search virus – a legitimate search provider which has been actively misused by developers of browser hijackers. More
October 29, 2018 virus

Trotux is a browser hijacker that uses stealthy techniques to stay on the system and collect browsing-related information. More
October 26, 2018 virus

FidoNav – a PUP which redirects to sponsored sites that you would hardly visit yourself. More
October 26, 2018 virus – a legitimate search app which has been misused by the developers of PUPs to install it on the system via bundling. More
October 24, 2018


Winmoreprize is yet another browser hijacker that uses persistent moves to drive users' traffic to predetermined websites. More
October 24, 2018 – a browser hijacker that promises a free access to movies and TV series but might compromise online privacy. More
October 24, 2018

Iminent toolbar

Iminent – a browser hijacker which cannot improve your searches as it claims. More
October 23, 2018 is a fake search engine that delivers useless search results . More
October 22, 2018 virus

Speedial – an infamous browser-hijacker which still relies on “bundling” to reach victims' computers. More
October 22, 2018


Linkey – a browser hijacker which is still causing problems to Windows and Mac OS X users. More
October 17, 2018 is a website that makes your computer unresponsive because of commercial content. More
October 17, 2018 virus – a browser hijacker promising enhanced search results just to mislead its victims. More
October 16, 2018 – a browser hijacker which affects Mac computers. More
October 16, 2018


Trovi – redirect virus which uses stealthy techniques to redirect its victims to sponsored domains. More
October 10, 2018 virus – a browser hijacker that might share the gathered information about you. More
October 04, 2018 – a browser hijacker which tricks gullible users by providing “helpful features” is a potentially unwanted program which belongs to the browser hijacker category.More
October 03, 2018

Weevah virus

Weevah virus is a rogue site that redirects to questionable pages. More
October 03, 2018

Schooldozer – a browser hijacker that tries to use the professional image to mislead its victims . More
October 02, 2018 virus is a redirect virus that leads your online searches to questionable websites instead of improving your privacy. More
October 02, 2018

Bing redirect virus

Bing redirect virus – a browser hijacker that might affect any web browser. More
September 28, 2018 is a fake search engine that delivers pop-up windows and redirects to malicious links . More
September 26, 2018

SearchPulse virus is a browser hijacker which can affect Safari and other web browsers. More
September 25, 2018 virus

YeaDesktop is a potentially unwanted program that affects users' browsing by redirecting them to rogue websites. More
September 25, 2018

Veirregnant club is yet another Push Notifications virus which causes numerous pop-ups after clicking the “Allow” button. More
September 24, 2018 is a browser hijacker which supposedly helps users find songs quicker. More

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